Sunday, March 20, 2016

Review- Magformers intelligent construction set for brain development ,save 30%

   Magformers intelligent construction set for brain development. I love anything that challenges children's brains, and Magformer's does just that.The set  comes with 26 neon colored shapes , 8 triangle and 18 squares. Their really easy to use ! They just snap together when you place them near each other , that's it , you can make different shapes with them.
   Their magnetic design makes it easy for any child to create a number of designs . The sky's the limit as to what your child will make. And it comes with a handy guide to show you designs you can make. Some of the designs are a fish, a wheel ,a castle ,a magic ball and more. Their such a creative way for your child to have hours of fun ! And I love the neon colors , their really cool !
   I had to try them too ! I had so much fun trying to make different shapes with them. I wish Magformers was around when I was young ! You can order more than one set and create even bigger shapes .
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