Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review- 1byone Belt drive 3 speed Portable stereo turntable with built in speakers

 When I was young I use to listen to my favorite music LP's and 45's on my mother's big stereo . I could listen for hours ! The music made me so happy to listen to it. All my cares and worries didn't exist because the music I listened to was so soothing. I still have some of my favorite LP's and 45's but I didn't have a stereo to listen to them.
  But then I found the Portable suitcase style Vintage turntable by 1byone. It has a 3 speeds turntable for 33,45 and 78 RPM , it's belt driven with two speakers that sound great ! A beautiful blue wooden cabinet with PU leather that can be taken anywhere . It also has a headphone jack, RCA output to connect speakers and a 3.5 line in port to connect your Ipod, Mp3 or other digital audio player.
 Now I can take my Vintage turntable any where I want ! I love It ! I can use it at party's or take to friends and family's houses . It's exactly what I have been looking for !
I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review.

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