Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Medieval Times Review

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 We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas break and a birthday at Medieval Times. As we walked in we were given crowns we had the blue crown. And then as we walked into the main hall they had all sorts of Medieval period things you could purchase . As we waited in the main hall they called my nephew to where the queen was. She knighted him with a sword to celebrate his birthday and they gave him a picture.
   As we stepped into the arena we sat in the blue section , every color section had a knight that went with the color of your crown (Yellow, Green etc.) .  We cheered for our knight he was blue. He battled against other knights ( Jousted ,Ring catch, combat battle) . At the end our blue knight was victorious and the queen gave him a ribbon.
  During this time we were served a really nice meal ( Chicken , corn, ice cream and drinks ) . And their was beautiful horses who did tricks. We had a really fun time cheering for our knight . " It was a great time for all of us ! ". I hope to go back soon to Medieval times , my nephews were glued to every minute of the action .

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