Thursday, March 17, 2016

Review- Star 7 portion control Container kit with guide,

    I  purchased the Star 7 piece portion control container kit . Now I can separate my food into
different color containers . I can add 1 cup of vegetables to my green container  or add 3/4 of a cup
of protein in the red container . Each colored container holds a certain amount of food . It also comes
with a booklet to show you how to portion your meals . So you can stay on your diet and burn calories.
   The booklet tells you how to calculate your calorie level. whether it's sedentary, moderate active or
highly active. It's BPA free,freezer safe, reusable ,microwaveable and dishwasher safe. I like that it comes in 7 different colors and sizes so I can put my into food different sized containers. So my portions of food will fit with my lifestyle. And I like that their microwavable so I can take them anywhere with me . I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review.

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