Monday, September 5, 2016

Guinness World Records/ Hollywood Wax Museum - My Readers receive $2 OFF Admission

Among Hollywood's most iconic places is the original Hollywood Wax Museum, a favorite attraction on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since 1965. Why? Everyone loves posing with the stars, hamming it up for the camera, and being part of the Hollywood scene! And, we love providing great family entertainment at a great value. Make sure to catch their FREE "Tribute to Cinema" show, 10 am to midnight 365 days a year. Located across the street from the Guinness World Records Museum. My Readers receive $2 OFF Admission -
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Guinness world records -  Had some unusual records that you could see for yourself . Some examples are the smallest person to the tallest person. One of my favorites was the oldest man in the world, he lived to be 120 years old . It also had a record of the things in history that he lived through. I thought that was really interesting. They even had one of my favorite characters " Mario " from the game .
Hollywood wax museum - My niece and I really enjoyed looking at movie stars up close and personal. I saw some of my favorite movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Shaun Connery ! We enjoyed taking pictures with them ! Stars we will never see in real life , but they looked very real !
  They even had music stars like Lady Gaga , who was dressed in a very beautiful gown ! And they even had a horror section, some of the wax statues were scary , but my niece loved them ! They had more statues , we had a really nice time walking through the Hollywood wax museum . I think everyone will enjoy coming !

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