Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review - Monster products - Monster Selfie case

 Monster products keeps coming up with new innovative products and it's newest product is the " Monster Selfie case." . Do you love to take selfies but dislike having to hold one of those selfie sticks . Then you'll love the new Monster selfie case ! All you do is place your phone in the case and attach it to the desired surface . The Monster selfie case holds against most flat glossy and non porous surfaces , like glass ,mirrors and acrylic. An example of the case on glass is the picture of my phone on a window overlooking my pool.
  So you can go hands free and take selfies ,pictures ,calls ,video chat , time-lapse video and more ! I love my new Monster selfie case, I'm going to take quite a few selfies of my friends and family .  Thank you Monster products for my free sample ! And The best part it's small enough to fit in your pocket or just keep it in your purse . It's really easy to use and prices start at $29.99 . http://www.monsterselfiecase.com/#home . #Monsterselfiecase , #selfies, #Monsterproducts

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