Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review - HotelSpa High power spiral 7-setting luxury hand shower

I love my new HotelSpa High power spiral 7-setting luxury hand shower . It was very easy to install the shower head !It only took me a few minutes to replace my old shower head. And that's important because I'm not really great doing chores around the house. I was looking for a new hand shower that was easy to use . And I decided on HotelSpa high power spiral 7-setting luxury hand shower. It has a great design ,very modern and sleek and not bulky like my old shower head.  It saves on water and that's great with the drought we're having.It's equipped with a water flow regular that limits water flow. So you save water and save money at the same time !
 You can even pause the water ,if you need too !I like the pause feature because I can wash my hair , pause it and then rinse my hair.  It's very construction is very light ,but also very sturdy  too !
So you don't strain your hand holding it while your taking a shower.I'm getting older and that's very important !  I can't hold anything in my hand for to long , because I get tired.  I received this product at a discounted price for an honest review.

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