Friday, October 6, 2017


  I received my Avoseedo growing tool in the mail . It was very easy to set it up ! I just followed the directions I cut open an avocado , took out the pit , peeled off the skin on the pit , placed it into the Avoseedo , placed it in water and I'm just waiting for it to grow ! How easy is that ! I think it would be great for any child to learn who things grow not just how you buy food and vegetables at the store .
   And I think grow-ups will love it too ! I enjoy growing my own things and now I'm going to have my own Avocado tree . Waiting and watching it grow is half the fun ! And when it's big enough I can place it in a larger container , I can't wait to eat it !

GROW YOUR OWN AVOCADO TREE AT HOME! Save 20% on any AvoSeedo avocado grower or other product and enjoy FREE shipping too. Visit the AvoSeedo Shop today and get growing today! Visit: Code: sp20 #avoseedo

AvoSeedo LLC was founded in 2015 by entrepreneur Daniel Kalliontizis after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $65,000 thanks to more than 4000 backers. In addition to its flagship AvoSeedo avocado germinator bowl that makes it easy for everyone to grow their own avocado tree at home, has everything amateur avocado arborists of all ages could want. 
-Easy to use for all ages of amateur avocado arborists
-Clever AvoSeedo bowl design keeps the avocado pit immersed in just the right amount of water to grow effectively
-Made for durability from recyclable, non-toxic materials
-Reusable for other vegetables like lettuce, celery, carrot tops!
Easy to use, for all ages
-Germinate and grow an avocado tree in your own home, whatever the climate
-Fun family (Millennial parents, their young kids, grandma/grandpa) project to make a tree sprout and watch it grow from the pit of a common avocado
-Increase kids' understanding of ecology, interconnections in nature, responsibility and care for the environment in a participatory and concrete way 
One of the main problems with growing avocados is getting them to germinate in the first place. AvoSeedo encourages the pit to sprout and prosper in a simple bowl of water without much attention from the gardener because its design keeps the seed immersed in just the right amount of water to grow effectively.

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